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1/4: Revolutionise marking with shared online marksheets and speedy assessment tools

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Assessinator has saved me hours of work, means we work consistently, the grids allow quick feedback and reports are now a breeze. I love it! Adrian Cottle, Head of Computing, School in Bath

Assessment grids provide speed and consistency in marking

Assessinator allows you to build, edit and share assessment grids containing the success criteria for any given piece of work. Marking then simply requires clicking success criteria options. Assessinator will automatically calculate a mark, level, grade, number or in fact any type of assessment system you want.

Feedback generator

Do you often find you repeat yourself when writing feedback in books? Attach comments to a grid's options and when clicking on them, the grid will automatically generate feedback comments - both achievements and targets to improve. These comments are easily printed. Generated comments can be edited too, allowing personalisation as necessary.

Sharing grids

Grids you create can be shared with your subject colleagues, providing consistency in marking across the department. Now grids can be shared between schools. Browse, edit and use grids created by teachers in other schools.

Assessment for Learning

Many teachers use the grids as a teaching tool too. Demonstrate your grid to students before they begin, so they are very clear about how the piece will be assessed.

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Online shared marksheets for teachers and departments

With, our carousel system operates far more efficiently. We used to have to email or photocopy marksheets for each other. Now we all have immediate access to all our marksheets online. DT teacher, School in Hertfordshire

Assessinator is ideal for departments who share classes or operate a rotation / carousel system. Teachers within departments can contribute to the same marksheets allowing easy sharing of assessments and progress.

Populate marksheets using grids and manually entered marks (much like Excel spreadsheets). All marks are automatically analysed and calculated into an attainment grade using a method of your choice. For example, Assessinator can calculate the average mark, latest mark, highest mark or the sum total of all numbers awarded.

Has your school devised its own Life after Levels marking system? Assessinator can understand, assess and track progress using any range of numbers, letters or phrases you want. Just add your range of marks to the system and Assessinator does the rest. Furthermore, with a starting mark and a target mark, Assessinator provides a simple traffic light system to visualise students' progress at a glance, as well as detailed printable progress graphs for each student.

Find out more about all these features and more on the Feature list page.

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