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According to his lyrics, and his new merchandise, 'The Underdog just turned into the Wolf', meaning that Big Sean has finally emerged from Kanye's shadow. The G.O.O.D. The Music rapper, I Decided is set to debut as the No. 1 album with his fourth studio release.

He showed us how to wear some of his own merchandise at Rolling Stone magazine’s Super Bowl party held in Houston, Texas. He wears a black long-sleeved top with a rose-embellished tee underneath.Juicy Couture Outlet On the bottom, he keeps it simple by wearing black skinny jeans, and finishes off his look with a pair white trainers. He finishes off his transformation by wearing a black cap with embroidered "I Decided" for more self-promotion.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Shia LaBeouf's offbeat style because, according to the man himself, 'Even though it looks haphazard, it's actually very thought through.'

Strong as it is, LaBeouf's sartorial excellence has been celebrated as somewhat of a happy accident. The actor, artist and unlikely MC's eccentric mix of 90s nostalgia, novelty normcore and 80s hairstyles shows a flagrant disregard for what everyone else thinks and, until now, has always felt pretty unplanned. But this week, Chicago's B96 Radio questioned Juicy Couture Outleton his look and he revealed that outfits like this one here actually take a lot of time to curate. Luckily for you, we'll save you the deep dive into LaBeouf's complex style lexicon and break it down right now.

An oversized sweat, skinny joggers tucked into socks and a pair of Nike Cortez are all important parts of this man's signature aesthetic. You'll find them in most of his outfits, but here he adds a boxy vintage denim jacket into the equation to exaggerate his 90s oversized vibe even further.Moschino Clutches Outlet There's plenty of room under a cut this big to add a bright red hoodie, which he nicely balances with a pair of simple black tracksuit bottoms. He works in some trademark styling with white socks and black kicks and his latest masterpiece is complete.